Power Cords [21.5", 32", & 22" SQR]

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These 15 foot power cords come in 4 different colors and are only compatible with our 21.5", 32" and 22" SQR Tokenframes. 



Our solution to the dreaded power cord issue is to turn it into an extension of the art display because that is what it is anyways.

Mahogany Tokenframe on Red Background

 Contrast  is beautiful. Choose a cord that is bold and makes a statement on your wall. 

Turn it into an expression of your own vision and taste. Configure the cord in any way you see fit using the wall clasps (included). 

Another popular option is to hire an electrician to hardwire the power cord through the wall for a completely clean and cordless look.

*Leave some slack at the top if you intend on rotating