Tokenframe Debuts NFT Displays at NFT.NYC

Tokenframe Debuts NFT Displays at NFT.NYC

As an official sponsor of NFT.NYC from Nov. 1 - 4, Tokenframe made it's public debut by introducing attendees to the most sophisticated, technically advanced and feature rich framed displays for crypto art, A.K.A. NFTs. The Tokenframe Mini-Gallery offered attendees a hands-on experience with the blockchain-connected NFT displays. Live demos, as well as in-depth explanations of how the Tokenframe system works, were presented by the team. 

NFT.NYC 2021 

With over 5,500 attendees, NFT.NYC 2021 was the largest NFT community gathering that the world has seen thus far. Bored Ape and Cool Cat owners were spotted mingling in packs all over the city, Pak, the elusive NFT designer, made his debut "face reveal", and several high profile celebrities and artists were seen attending various satellite events.

The Tokenframe Mini-Gallery experience was a resounding success. From the attendees asking if they could take selfies with the Tokenframes to the loads of never-ending questions that were being asked, the excitement and intrigue was clearly felt throughout the venue.

Attendees Reviewing Tokenframe

Tokenframe at NFY NYC

NFY NYC Presents Tokenframe

How Does Tokenframe Work?

The patented NFT display system and method is exclusively owned by Tokenframe. It consists of an app (web app plus iOS and Android mobile apps) which controls every function of the physical display. To start, you connect the Tokenframe to an open WiFi connection (such as a mobile hotspot without a password).

Once connected, the QR code and unique device ID will be shown. You will enter this ID into the app to connect the Tokenframe to your profile. In the app, you would sign in via your wallet- if you don't have your wallet on your phone you may also use the Metamask Extension on a PC. Once you've signed in, you'll be able to see all of your NFTs, select one and cast it to the Tokenframe that you've linked. There are additional display settings that you can adjust via the app as well.

Showing off your NFTs

Tokenframe NFT Frames

Man Basking in the Greatness of Tokenframe

Tokenframe Mini Gallery NFY NYC

32" Tokenframe Displaying Trevor Jones Bitcoin Angel

"Bitcoin Angel" by Trevor Jones being displayed on a 32" Tokenframe NFT Display in a Mahogany frame
21" Tokenframe in White displaying Billellis Relics of a Mortal Past
"EYNOIA #10/10" by Billelis being displayed on a 21.5" Tokenframe NFT Display in a White frame

Tokenframe Takes Times Square

Throughout the entire first week of November, and carrying over to the following week, the digital billboards in Times Square were taken over by NFTs and various NFT projects...  including Tokenframe!
The Tokenframe team was fortunate enough to run into and meet with several key players in the NFT space such as Beeple, Metakovan, Fewocious, Gary Vee, and many others.  
Beeple Human One with Tokenframe
Tokenframe attended the exclusive showing of Beeple's 'Human One', which sold for 29M dollars at Christie's Auction House just a few days later. The team had a chance to speak with Beeple and introduced him to Tokenframe.
Gary Vee with Tokenframe
Gary Vee was also introduced to Tokenframe and expressed his support, excitement and bullishness for the company as a whole.