Tokenframe Hits The Red Carpet at NFT LA

Tokenframe Hits The Red Carpet at NFT LA

After Tokenframe’s official launch on February 22, 2022, the TF team finally had a chance to meet their early fans IRL at NFT LA. As can be seen from that week’s Twitter updates, NFT LA week was very successful and event-filled. Tokenframe curated four separate evening events, each with a set-up of 20 Tokenframes displaying beautiful, verifiably owned NFTs. NFT LA rolled out the red carpet and the new 55” Tokenframe was ready for the spotlight. In addition, Tokenframe was prominently featured at a cabana booth by the main stage of the official NFT LA conference. Tokenframe’s very own Head of Sales & Partnerships, Jake, details the week's events in the following recap.

An Exciting Time For NFTs 

Heading into NFT LA, we knew we had something special brewing. Our 1st Edition Tokenframes completely sold out in early Dec. '21 after being featured at NFT.NYC and Art Basel Miami with very little pre-launch marketing.

That being said, we didn’t anticipate the genuine excitement we’d receive throughout every event this week in LA. It was an amazing experience- not only in meeting new friends and showing off our new Spring Edition Tokenframes, but also in watching NFT collectors finally see their pieces come to life on the big screen. This truly validated why we’ve been so excited to be building the premier ownership-verifying NFT display and system in the space.

Tokenframe allows NFTs to be able to escape the computer and phone screens that they have been living on and make it onto a high-quality framed display where they can finally be appreciated as the works of art that they are. Tokenframe features real wooden frames, anti-glare screens specifically crafted for digital art, and patented ownership-verifying software. 

NFT LA attendees stopping by the booth to display their NFT collection

NFT LA Mainstage 

Tokenframe was prominently featured at a cabana next to the mainstage, where several big musical artists performed, including Nelly- yes that Nelly. Throughout the four days of the conference, our team met with current fans and customers of Tokenframe and made dozens of new connections and frens. Seeing the excitement on the faces of collectors seeing their NFTs on a Tokenframe made it worth all the effort. Our 55” Tokenframe even found its way to the NFT LA red carpet!

creature world on tokenframe
Goop on Tokenframe

Wisdome Events with Steve Aoki and Think:NFT

During the first two nights, we activated NFT artists at Wisdome, a fully immersive cutting edge entertainment venue in the heart of Los Angeles. Both nights, we curated an NFT gallery for renowned artist Arthur Williams Jr. which was massively well-received. The nights ended with performances by world renowned DJ Steve Aoki and Think X, a super group featuring Pink Floyd’s Sax player Scott Page and members of Guns N Roses and Jane’s Addiction.

Provenance Matters

Several NFT artists had their work on display during the events. Our “Provenance” feature at the bottom of each frame allowed attendees to scan the QR Code and view/purchase the NFTs directly on OpenSea. We literally had artists selling their work right on the spot, which was amazing to see! The NFT collectors and artists got to meet face-to-face and the entire transaction was done thanks to the Provenance feature that is exclusive only to Tokenframe. The Provenance bar can be toggled on or off via our web app and displays the artwork’s name, collection name, creator and current owner. For more information on purchasing and displaying NFT art at home, check out this article by Porch.

PortalX NFT Oasis Closing Party

On the third night, the TF Team activated more NFT collections at Portal X NFT Oasis, the Official Closing Party for NFT LA. This event featured 2,000 attendees in a state-of-the-art nightclub with the who’s who of the NFT space. In addition, the event was also broadcasted in the metaverse to 2,000 more attendees. Tokenframe had a presence at both the IRL event and in the metaverse experience. We curated a gallery of 20 frames featuring top artists/projects in the space including Zinu, Modernist, and Chris Trueman. In addition, we also offered demos to artists and collectors alike.

Zinu and Tokenframe

Creativo Closing Out NFT LA with Penthouse (and Helipad) Party

Night four concluded with the Creativo Closing Party at a high-end Penthouse in Beverly Hills.
Modernist Tokenframe


To our surprise we left LA with a lot less Tokenframes on hand than when we arrived. Attendees were eager to buy the frames on the spot and take them home to display their NFT collections with friends and family. We experienced the power of authentic NFT display technology first-hand and can’t wait to do it again at many other major NFT events this year! 

For inquiries about future events or Tokenframe in general, please contact us and follow us on Twitter for upcoming announcements.